Friday, October 7, 2011


For the conclusion of apple week we made homemade apple sauce.  This year I bought a hand crank apple peeler,slicer, corer.  Umm. . .  we have gone through a LOT of apples since then.  I had to make a decree that you can't peel, slice, core a new apple until you've eaten the last one

 We had a fun time and with the hand crank--it is WAY faster than doing it all by hand. 

I decided quarts are the only way to go for applesauce in this house.  The boys love it.

Here's a video we took of the boys demonstrating the apple peeler, corer, slicer.  The random chaos cracks me up.  (don't miss the interaction between Jeremy and the baby at second 41.)
Owen's note: i  likt  it.

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  1. Oh, Daniel LOVES to grab knives. I prefer to think that he aspires to be a chef.