Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ants on a Farm

Owen wanted an Ant Farm for his birthday.  Jeremy's parents lovingly obliged--the problem was the company wouldn't send out ants during the summer, because it was too hot for them to survive in the mail.  So last week they finally arrived. . .  Owen tells:

I was worried because I was scared that my ant farm wouldn't be ready.

But we found them one day.  We had to put the sand in first.  Then we had to put some water in to get the sand damp. 
When we put put them in some of them tried to escape.  And one ant climbed to the top of the windmill and got to the edge of the thing on the back and then it fell.  Funny huh?

When we first fed them one of the ants was on the top and tried to escape.  Funny huh?

WHen I first saw them they were just in the ant farm that you see.  I wonder why.  But the next day they discovered the other one, but some of the ants died in the other one. 

So now the ants have made a tunnel.  Cool huh?  Also they are making a plan to escape.

Do you see the tubes?  And that hill?  That's their plan to escape.  So they're taking the sand out from the bottom to the top. 

I have a Life and Times of the Ant book and it tells me about all the different kinds of ants.  My ants have little beards.  Cool huh?

***Editor/transcribers notes:  I am just glad that of the whole experience Owen wasn't traumatized by the three (3) different times when I let out involuntary screams while trying to get the ants in the farm and keep them from escaping. Apparently they weren't even memorable enough to add in here, so all's well. 

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