Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Farmer Boy chapter 6 tells about filling the Wilder Family's ice house. My dad said he remembers his mom talking about doing the same thing.  Storing ice to have it all through the summer.  My mom said she remembers having an ice box and it not quite being cold enough to set Jell-O.  Owen told her she just needed to put two blocks of ice in the ice chest instead of one.  (Makes sense right?)

One thing the Wilder's could do with ice is make ice cream!  So we made some ice cream.  (Luckily reading chapter 6 coincided with the day of our church picnic at which there was going to be a homemade ice cream contest.)

Owen's word:  Almanzo filled up the ice house.  And I wanted to make an ice house in the winter time.  (An igloo.)

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