Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Barnyard Tin Lanterns

Owen's Note:

These   are   tin   lanterns.

 Momma's Note:

In Farmer Boy Chapter 2 Almonzo helps his father and brother do their evening chores in the barn.  He says, "It was dark there; only a little light came from the pierced tin sides of the lantern hung in the alleyway below."

We made out lanterns out of tin fruit cans.  Prepare a covered work area, and supervise kids at all times. 

Step one: Clean out can and remove label.  Be careful of sharp edges

Step two: Make a pattern of dots on the can with a permanent marker.  Make sure to leave 1.4 to 1/2 inch between dots. 

Step three with a large nail and hammer punch a hole over each dot.  (We found this worked best to have momma hold the can and the nail in place, with boy also holding on to nail and hammering.)

Step four: Punch a hole on two oposite sides of the upper rim of the can.  Thread a handle string through the two holes to hang the lantern from. 

Step five: Place a tea light or battery-operated tea light in the lantern.  Turn out the other lights, and admire lanterns.  

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